Fantastic results using the Body Code while working with an 80 year old woman who was in constant pain and could hardly walk.



Dear Beverley,
This time I would like to thank you again for your wonderful work and tell you and the whole world how happy I am with my results!
With your help I have unloaded a truck- full of
negative – trapped emotions, – replaced them with positive  ones so that in the span of a few weeks I went from sad and hopeless to how can it get any better than this?
About 6 weeks ago I was in almost constant pain, could hardly walk, 10-15 minutes at the most with a cane before sitting down….the pain in my neck, my back, my right hip and both legs was terrible!
This week I went out for a walk, I walked one whole hour nonstop, no cane, no pain! It was incredible.
As I was not even tired, I went out again in the afternoon, just to see if I could, I did walk   another hour. I was in total disbelief, as if I had a whole new body. It felt amazing!!!!
My son is elated, my daughter is working with you as we speak and is telling all her friends about you.
You really are a Super Angel doing God’s work!
It is your dedication, perseverance, enthusiasm and love of the work that creates such successes.
I thank God for connecting me with you and not letting me give up.
With much appreciation and love,
Eva Bernard
Toronto, Canada
80 yrs. old