Dear Bev,

I want to thank you for all your hard work on my son Alex. There are no words to describe the transformation in my son.

As you know, he was adopted by us at age 4. His history of previous placements included abandonment and severe neglect. Our son was in a wheelchair full time, blind, hearing impaired, non-verbal and suffered from intractable seizures.

Since your hard and exhausting work on him, both with the Emotional Code and the Body Code, he is not the same little boy. He is making sounds weekly that according to his speech therapist, “non-verbal children cannot make”. He is also running around, hearing us without any issues and according to his Vision Itinerary Teacher at school, his “vision has improved drastically”. His trapped emotions of abandonment having all disappeared! He is so attached to all of us and show his loves with sharing toys, hugging, kissing and even having a conversation in his garbled language! How amazing this is for us and of course for him too!

As a mother, I thank you from the depth of my soul for all the time and energy you invested in my little man. Words just cannot express how thankful I am to you and all of your hard work. You are a tremendously talented woman with a wonderful gift to help others.

I would highly recommend both the “Emotional Code” and the “Body Code” to everyone. These help peel away layers and layers of build up that we all tend to hold onto without even knowing. After just one session, there was an amazing difference and this is why I believe so wholeheartedly on the work you do!

You are a blessing to everyone you meet! Thank you once again Bev.

Yours truly,

Barrie, ON

I just wanted to thank you for helping me out with my knee problem. After just one Body Code session my knee felt great. I stopped wearing the knee brace and had no pain. I am now walking, biking and dancing again. Thanks so much.

Julie P.
Palmetto, Florida.

I have experienced Body Code sessions with Beverly Dymond. I also had my Heart-Wall removed. It has been like a fun adventure. Deep inside, I “knew” I needed this, and although it seems too easy and too good to be true, that’s better than years of emotionally painful therapy. I have been relieved of a pain in the groin, and regained almost full use of a partially frozen shoulder. More subjectively, I think I can handle stress better, and am better able to say no.

These things are a great benefit, and I am very grateful.

Beverly has been a joy to work with. She has a caring heart.

Cathy H.
Burk’s Falls ON.

Hi Bev,

Thanks again for the treatment you provided to me that day at the pool in Punta Cana!

Honestly, I was very intrigued in the Emotion Code, and I was very impressed with how I felt after our session! I was truly amazed at how accurately you pinpointed old emotions that I haven’t consciously thought of in years! I felt better immediately after our session. I would rate my pain level as going from a 7 or 8 to a 3! (That is a major change with hip pain!) I showed you that I could lift my leg easily when that morning I could barely lift my leg to get dressed. The pain does remain, but it is less than it was – I will have to make an appointment with you to do another session soon!

Thanks again.

Becky M.
Dufferin, ON.

I recently lost my dad my emotions are running very high I am finding it hard to cope in everyday life, I met with Bev for a session at first I was unsure of the process but when the session was done, I felt lighter didn’t feel like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders thanks so much Bev I can’t wait until our next session.

Carrie R.
Stayner, ON.

Hi Bev

Monday night I went to bed at 10:30 pm and I guess I fell asleep 1 hour later, and woke up about 5:30 am. That’s 6 hours of sleep and more than I usually get.I had some weird dreams but can’t remember them. I felt more energetic and grounded. Thank you Bev.

Marianne H.
Barrie, ON.

Thank you Bev. I actually find this pretty cool so far. Your spirit knows some junk is gone. I will keep in touch and see when we can do another. I just feel like this is the time for clearing. Thanks again!

Aurora, ON

For the past several months I have been working closely with Beverly in dealing with various personal issues; ranging from emotional and physical healing. During the past few years I was subjected to intense work issues, personal relationship issues and health issues which all seem to combine all at once and made moving forward very difficult and I built up ‘emotional’ walls within.

For years I seemed to carry through life with no regrets and tried pretend or ignore myself within. Eventually those walls became too much for me to deal with by just ignoring them. I tried various methods and techniques to get myself to a place of feeling like how I should, from Professional Hypnosis to self-help books. I began to feel better about things, however it was if something seemed like it was lingering inside and I didn’t know how to address the core issues within.

I was introduced to Beverly from a friend and I thought I would try working with her on dealing with some of these emotional issues. To my amazement her guidance immediately made noticeable transformations in my life. Beverly has the patience and understanding to work with you and takes the time to explain how things work and why things in the body and emotions are affected. The emotion code and body code have helped me on the path of getting back to feeling like me.

Sandy C
Burlington, ON

I have been working with Bev for over a year now on the emotion code. Bev has helped me release several trapped emotions that have been hindering my health. I had a painful lump on the side of my left breast and through releasing of emotions this lump has diminished along with the pain. I was also suffering from a droopy eyelid that was really bothering me and affecting my sight and we have been able to heal this as well. Through this process I have felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was also suffering from severe anxiety and bowel issues after contracting a parasite. After the parasite was removed I was still feeling the symptoms. The doctors were unable to help me and would send me for colonoscopies but the diagnosis was always that there was nothing wrong. Bev was able to work with me on this issue and I have been able to get my health back on track. Bev and I worked together on releasing my heart wall. I am no longer as jealous, bitter or angry as I used to feel all the time. Friends and co-workers have expressed their notices in the positive changes they’ve seen in me as well and physically I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe again.

Bev also worked on my cat who has been suffering with consuming food since I’ve had her. After almost every meal she would end up throwing up her food and the vet was unable to explain to me what was causing this. They suggested different foods, trying different tricks but nothing was working. Through muscle testing Bev was able to diagnose it was the type of food that was bad for her (I had to switch to grain free) and the expensive vet foods had too many unhealthy ingredients in them they were still hurting her. I had to watch my cat suffer for 6 years while the vet was unable to explain the issues, and was able to get the answer from Bev immediately. Bev also released some emotions on my cat who was abused as a kitten before I received her. She is no longer as timid and scared of people as she used to be and will come out from hiding more often for attention.

Oshawa, ON

Hello Bev, I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me last night. Although I have been awake since 3:45 am I do feel pretty good today. I’m not in quite as much pain today as I have been for the past week and I have only taken 1 T3 today. I will continue to monitor things over the next few days. I look forward to our next session.

God’s Blessings in all you do in his service.

Maeve A.
Barrie, ON.

Hi Bev.

It has been 2 months since you did a Body Code session on me for the pain from my wisdom tooth that had been bothering me for quite some time and also the pain in my ear. The pain has not returned and I did not have to go in and have surgery to have my wisdom tooth out. I am so thankful to you and to God for this work.


I was seeing Beverley at Emotional Healing Services to work through some of the repressed or “stuck” emotions that have been plaguing me. I had been experiencing various physical manifestations of chronic pain and was also undergoing treatment by an osteopath at a clinic in Toronto. After having two or three sessions with Bev, I was at a treatment in the city and my osteopath remarked, “I don’t know what else you are doing, but keep doing it. I am not only able to make deeper adjustments easier but you are holding them better.”

His comments definitely reassured me that Bev’s sessions were definitely helping me feel better than I had in a very long time.

I would recommend her services to anyone who would like to feel better in their physical body while releasing repressed emotions that keep them from moving forward in their life.

Muskoka, ON

Before Bev worked on me I was skeptical of her practice. I wondered how something that seemed so simple could help me. However, it is hard to reject it since the results were so obvious. As someone who has always struggled with regular menstruation, I was frustrated when I had been waiting for over 6 months to have “my time of the month”. The very next day after Bev worked on me, I got my period. I knew then that this practice was legitimate and that this instant result was no coincidence. I have continued to go to Bev when I have had other issues.

Caelynne, 18
North Bay , ON

Dear Beverley,

This note is to THANK YOU for a wonderful Body Code session!  If I had not experienced it personally, I would say such changes from one phone call are impossible, but it did happen to me, so all I can say is, it was miraculous! On Friday June 20th I called you for help as I was totally exhausted from many sleepless nights due to leg cramps, as no sooner I fell asleep, I had to get up and stand on my legs to relieve the pain. No medication or supplements helped.

Than I had this awful neck pain on the left side due to shoveling snow and ice this winter, it was constant Since January to June… plus a chronic hip pain on the right, for 57 years to be exact due to an accident.  Well, after our first session on Saturday, I woke with no pain anywhere! I slept like a baby and next day had more energy than I remember in 20 years.

I did laundry, ran up and down stairs, washed windows and weeded the garden all the while wondering if this is really happening to me or am I just dreaming??? I could have outrun the Energizer Bunny.  Well, it was real and I have you to thank for it!!!

I am very very grateful, you are such a special caring person, ideal for what you do, as you do it with all your heart and it shows in the results.  I want everybody to have such an amazing life changing experience – I am telling everyone I know as there is too much suffering in this world as it is.

Thank you again, and I am looking forward to doing my heart wall, I can not even imagine what miracles I can look forward to doing that!  With gratitude and blessings,

Toronto, On.


Dear Bev:

It is with sincere gratitude that I send these thanks.
My whole life, I suffered with anxiety and knots in my stomach any time I had to express my feelings…didn’t matter who I was trying to share my thoughts with; It was always with fear and an uneasy feeling, usually followed by tears…tears that I could not control. In fact, there were times I could feel the cortisol running through my body. Bev, I thank God, that our paths crossed and that I’ve had the opportunity to use your services…you have truly changed my life! For the better! Since the few sessions I’ve have had with you, I no longer have the fear to speak to anyone, nor do I feel the cortisol running through my body! Yahoo! I feel free! I waited a short time to write this thank you, as I was sure it wasn’t going to last, but it has ~ amazingly!
You have given me a new strength and confidence. Years of counselling never came close to healing as the few sessions I’ve had with you. I wish our paths had crossed sooner it was the most painless healing I have ever received. I’m not 100% better but I’m about 75% there, and look forward to releasing the last little bit.
Wishing you all the best of life my friend.


Laurie S.
Sundridge, On