Is your Weight Problem an Emotional issue?

Today’s society puts a great deal of emphasis on how you should look.  For many people, just thinking about their weight and how they feel about their bodies can be a very emotional issue.  Some people go from one diet to another hoping for an miracle solution. Without addressing what is going on in the subconscious part of the brain,  and not getting to the root of the problem, they may just keep going from diet to another and keep struggling.  
I believe that addressing the emotional issues first, and getting them out of the way can help people be more successful in their endeavor to lose weight. 
By using the  Body Code we can easily find the Trapped Emotions connected to the weight problems and any imbalances or blockages that are there, that may be hindering your successful weight loss.
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2 thoughts on “Is your Weight Problem an Emotional issue?

  1. Hello fellow Ontarian(? !!)

    Enjoyed the potatoe article. I don't think we missed many meals during my
    childhood summer/winter without them. Even when running a restaurant, I had to find the very best potatoe soup recipe and it became a standard fare item on menu. Talk about versatility!! When we were looking for a snack at home, if there were a bowl of cold mashed potatoes in the fridge, we could come up with three or four fast snacks, my fav being potatoe scone type cakes, grilled in butter oh dear!! Soooooo good and we would be right at home making war time recipes too like marzipan candies from guess what?? Potatoes…. But seeing a heap of mashed red potatoes with garlic and butter on top must be the simplest and always the best

    Very Best Wishes in your Body Code Counselling ahead
    It seems to be an 8th Wonder!!

    Georgia Bettridge
    Ontario CANADA

  2. Thanks for your kind words and comment Georgia. Potatoes have always been my favorite too and they seem like they have been getting a bad rap. So I really needed to share this so we can fry up those mashed potatoes and not feel guilty. The simple things in life are sometimes still the best!!!

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