Depression, Negative Thoughts, Violent Movies, and Violent Video Games, Pornography: Can they attract Entities?

I wrote to Dr. Bradley Nelson, the creator of the Emotion Code and Body Code,  and asked him why some people attract entities and others do not, this is the reply I received  Aug. 7/14.

“Hi Beverley- Remember that entities are attracted to you when you are thinking negative thoughts, feeling down or depressed, when you are listening to bad or low music, watching violent movies or playing violent video games, viewing pornography, etc.  Of course, they are also attracted to you if you are doing something good, or about to make a breakthrough… They want to interfere with things of light, and disrupt your life and stop you if they can.  Surrounding yourself with positive things, pictures of Christ, uplifting music, etc., they can’t stand.   Does this help?”

I was noticing that this topic has been coming up more and more so I thought I would share this letter.  By using the Body Code I have been able to help people to be set free.  I always pray first for God’s blessing, healing and guidance in Jesus’ name,  I have been fortunate to be able to  help clients and witness their success stories.   Hope this gives some insight.   I can be contacted at 705 387 1717 or 1 855 799 1717.